Duct Cleaning

Often the most overlooked household and commercial services are the cleaning of your air ducts and cleaning your dryer vents. When air vents aren’t maintained and kept clean build up of dust particles, pollen, mold and other debris contaminate your vents and are released through the air you breathe. When dryer vents aren’t cleaned and maintained, lint buildup and pose a fire hazard. That’s why having the professionals of Hoffman Heating & Air come to service your air ducts on a consistent basis is so important.

Indoor Air Quality has become a serious concern in residential homes. Dust, mold, and bacteria in your family's air ducts can cause or exacerbate colds, allergies, asthma, or other upper respiratory illnesses. Indoor Air Pollution is a health risk that can be reduced. Cleaning your air ducts helps to reduce these symptoms and provide everyone in your home a cleaner and safer environment. We provide tips on preventing air duct contamination and a guide to indoor air quality.